Halloween Food: Spooky, Innovative, Delicious

Halloween Food: Spooky, Innovative, Delicious
Anand’s sons – Om and Dev- Halloween-ready!

Halloween in India

Like many Western adaptations, or should I say American adaptations, Halloween is a tradition that is slowly but surely catching up in India as well, at least in Delhi. Here is an article by Yamini Pustake Bhalerao that talks about Halloween becoming popular in India as well. In India, social gatherings mean snacks, food and drinks. Will Halloween food be any different? Of course, you bet. Ideas for Halloween food have been many. Anand’s wife had a few ideas – to stick blueberry pieces on top of a rasagolla, to give it a scary popping eyeball look. Scary and interesting no?

Halloween food ideas

I have been keenly browsing for some interesting Halloween recipes on the Internet for something that is really interesting and standout I share below some of the very good ones that I came across. We acknowledge the original authors and their ideas by providing a direct link to their respective pages.  Enjoy these interesting dishes for the Indian Halloween party – quirky, spooky and horrifying – but delicious nevertheless.

Bloody Cottage Cheese (Paneer) Eyeballs

This recipe is from a channel called # Hashtag Foods. They have a very interesting recipe using Cottage Cheese (Paneer), Green and Black Olives and sauce. What you get is a truly spooky eye-balls dish. Here is the video.

Witches’ Fingers

You would never imagine that you could get perfect finger-shaped baked snacks – that resemble witches’ fingers. This is the recipe from Allrecipes.co.uk. Watch the recipe here:
Chef John Halloween Recipes Again, a winner from All Recipes.com – this is a collection of seven Chef John recipes. Each one better than the other. Watch the recipe videos here:

If you are hosting a Halloween party, I strongly recommend you present some of these recipes. Happy Halloween!

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