Powder Mixes: Yummy Food Options for the Single Person

Powder Mixes: Yummy Food Options for the Single Person

Delicious meals with flavourful, long Lasting Powder Mixes

Evidently, the versatile Podi is not just a boon for the singleton – people who are living away from home. It is quite handy for the lazy day, when you just don’t feel like cooking. There are so many varieties of powder mixes you could make – a treat every day, every meal. These powder mixes are also popular because they stay fresh for a sufficiently long time – because the ingredients are dry. Most of these don’t even need refrigeration. So, for the first few months of his stay in the US, my brother came back from work, and made himself a delicious meal everyday – to steaming hot rice, he added a spoonful of ghee, and  the powder mix and each day, he got a new flavour of rice to dig into.

Different Podi Mixes and their recipe

You have an array of powder mixes that you can make – and store. This includes Lentils Powder Mix (Paruppu Podi),  Coriander Powder Mix (Malli Powder), Curry Leaves Powder Mix (Kariveppillai Powder), Coconut Powder Mix (Thengai Powder), Sesame Seeds Powder Mix (Ellu Podi) and many more.


Paruppu Podi  or the Mixed Lentils Powder is one of many delicious concoctions from my mother’s recipe treasure trove. This is the powder mix that is typically saved for the rainy day. Very early in my life I realized that the rainy days had different expressions –     when my mother was away visiting relatives, when we ran out of kerosene (it was common back then, to run out of the fuel in a kerosene stove), in times when Amma fell ill, or simply just when we wanted a break from the regular fare from the kitchen, these powder mixes were a Godsend. And yes, the biggest discovery of how useful these powder mixes are, came at the time when my brother went to the US, and he packed these liberally to sustain himself, for the first few months.


In terms of preparation, this takes the least time. The two dals you would use are Arhar or Toor Dal and Moong Dal. Depending on the quantity you want, take three measures of Arhar or Toor Dal and one measure of Moong Dal. Add a few red chillies (Spice Alert: You can add as many red chillies according to how spicy you would like your mix to be). Take a few whole black pepper corns and salt. These are all the ingredients that you would need. Start with dry roasting the lentils together till they turn golden brown in colour. Dry roast the red chilies and the black peppercorns together till you get the aroma. Once done, let both the dry roasted mixes cool and come to room temperature. You can now add them to a mixer and grind them, after adding salt to taste. I like the mixture to be slightly coarse and not very fine. But of course, that is your choice.

Store this in an airtight container. Remember to use a dry spoon to mix the powder. It is important to know that moisture is the number one factor that will affect the longevity of the powder. This powder will remain good for at least a month.



Mixed Lentils Powder Mix can be used with hot steaming rice and a dollop of homemade ghee for a great meal.

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