Travel Food: Fresh Food On the Go

Travel Food: Fresh Food On the Go
The solution around this: Idli Chutney powder, what is lovingly called the Gun Powder in many parts of India today. The idlis were generously coated with the gun powder mixed with oil and wrapped in sets of four in banana leaves. The idlis remained moist, the spicy powder added generously to the taste, and it remained good for a long, long time with the banana leaves wrapping adding to the flavour. The dish is called :Podi Idli.
Podi Idlis – A boon for long travel

This great travel food idea holds good to this day, when you travel long distance on flights, and are usually not a fan of packaged foods available at the airports. You can give this another delightful twist too. Instead of regular sized idlis, you can make mini idlis – if you have the mini idli steaming plate, and can make bite sized Mini Podi Idlis – can be had as munchies during flights, or at long layover airports.

Tamarind Rice to the Rescue

Idlis would be just one option. But you cannot wolf down idlis all through your journey clearly. And so, you can turn to the good Tamarind Rice to last you a long journey. Tamarind Rice can be as spicy as you want it to be, can be had with no elaborate accompaniments. It also stays moist, fresh and tasty for a long while. To make Tamarind Rice, you need – the mixture or paste that you can mix with plain basmati rice. So, on a long journey, you can either pack prepared tamarind rice, or if you are adventurous, you can carry the tamarind rice paste, and if you manage to buy fresh cooked rice, you can mix the rice with the paste, and enjoy a fresh meal of tamarind rice!
The ever-reliable Tamarind Rice or Puliyodharai

Curd Rice as a travel food option

And last, but by no means the least, the very popular South Indian dish – a comfort food for many – the Curd Rice! Now, truth be told, curd rice can go sour on a long journey.  But this no way means you have to forego this on a long journey. Instead of adding curd to the rice, add milk to the rice. And as the milk turns slightly sour, it will only curdle and become curd, and stay fresh for a long time. So you can enjoy curd rice on the move, without the fear of the rice getting sour!
The all-time favourite – Curd Rice
So, next time you are stepping out on a long journey – road, train or transcontinental flight – junk the sandwiches, abandon the biscuits and wafers, and forget the parathas and the roti – just go for the South Indian brand of travel food. Without a doubt, I am sure you will love it.

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